FanHack 2022
FanHack 2022

FanHack 2022

FanHack 2022 is now closed & we would be delighted to see you next year! To view the winners & Top 15 Projects head on to our Winnerโ€™s & Top 15 Gallery
FanHack 2022 is now closed & we would be delighted to see you next year! To view the winners & Top 15 Projects head on to our Winnerโ€™s & Top 15 Gallery
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FanHack 2022 Leaderboard

How do I get listed on the leaderboard?
All you need to do to get listed on the leaderboard is join our #funhack-2022 slack channel and you are good to go! To gain points and rise to the top of the FanHacks 2022 Leaderboard, follow the steps below!
An exciting surprise prize awaits some of our top Leaderboard FanHackers at the end of the hackathon!
Please note all the points for the Fanhack 2022 leaderboard will be only tracked on the #Funhack-2022 Slack Channel. Thus please join the slack channel to gain the leaderboard points!
How do I earn points to rise up the leaderboard?
1๏ธโƒฃ Join the #Funhack-2022 Slack Channel
  • Join our #Funhack-2022 Slack Channel to connect with fellow leaderboard hackers = 15 points
2๏ธโƒฃ Via networking
  • Introduce yourself on the #Funhack-2022 slack channel = 10 points
  • Share a picture of yourself hacking on the #Funhack-2022 slack channel = 20 points (points will only be awarded for up to 3 pictures shared). The 3 most creative pictures stand a chance to win additional 10 points. This is valid only during the hackathon period (2nd to 5th August)
  • Coolest Memes- What's a hack without the Memes? Post the coolest developer memes and get 10 points per meme (maximum of 3). What's more? The 3 most silliest memes stand a chance to win additional 10 points
  • Fanhack Fever!- We know that there are a lot of fans of the Fan Hackers series out there! But can we pick up the biggest fan? ๐Ÿ™‚ We want you to come-up with the coolest Hashtag for FanHack 2022 (depicting your appreciation to the series!). Best Hashtag gets 20 points but each attempt still gives you 5 points on the leaderboard
  • Fantastic Fanhackerโ€™s Team- What's a hack without a fun & crazy team! A crazy team selfie (that's what we call it ๐Ÿ˜‡). The top 3 coolest and most creative team selfie stands a change to win 20 leaderboard points (for each team member). PS- Remote teams? Worry not! Take a selfie on any of the networking platforms). PS- Each team selfie still fetches every team member 5 Leaderboard points ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Pop Quiz- Every now and then, the organizing team will be asking a fun question related to the FanHack Series. The fastest 3 fan hackers who answer the question correctly stand a change to gain 10 leaderboard points (Answers to be posted on the question thread on #Funhack-2022 slack channel ).
3๏ธโƒฃ By attending events
  • Attend Our Networking Event = 20 points
  • Attend the Opening Ceremony = 20 points
  • Attend the Pitch Workshop (US Friendly Timezone) = 10 points
  • Attend the Pitch Workshop (Other Region Friendly Timezone)= 10 points
4๏ธโƒฃ Mentors Kudos- Give a shoutout to all the lovely mentors who are helping you with FanHack 2022 and stand a chance to win Leaderboard Points! All of your genuine kudos will be awarded with 5 leaderboard points and you can submit upto a maximum of 5 such Feedback!
For Mentors Kudos please fill out the form here
Please find the FanHack 2022 Leaderboard Below! Please note that the leaderboard will be updated every EOD. In case your points don't add up based on your activities the last day, please reach out to @Astha From AngelHack via slack!